Product Liability

Ward Greenberg’s Product Liability group consists of skilled trial lawyers who have defended manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers against product liability claims for more than 30 years. We represent clients in cases involving a wide range of products and serve as national, regional, and statewide counsel in complex, multi-plaintiff product liability matters. Teaming with our clients and experts, we become immersed in the relevant industry practices and customs, the technical literature, engineering principles, and the pertinent statutes and regulations, and use this knowledge to build and execute an effective and focused liability and causation defense strategy. Our long-term relationships with a carefully cultivated bench of industry experts help us to expose weaknesses in the plaintiff’s case and to effectively cross-examine opposing experts.

Mindful of the demands on a client’s resources, we strive to resolve cases promptly via focused discovery, early motion practice, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. We also help clients to avoid litigation altogether, using our deep experience in product liability cases, to assist product manufacturers in developing warning language and drafting product manuals to help minimize exposure before claims arise.

Representative Experience

  • Asbestos: a wide variety of asbestos-containing products and components. 
  • Building Systems and Equipment: HVAC equipment and systems, roofing systems, sliding door hardware, storage racks, conveyor belts, gas furnaces, and fume hoods.
  • Chemical: microelectronic chemical mixtures (including “photoresists”), benzene, and other petroleum-derived solvents, automotive paint strippers, beryllium, chromium, cleaning solutions, paints, chemicals used in the printing, x-ray development, and imaging industries, and acid-based drain openers.
  • Component Parts and Materials: copper tubes and fittings, brass and copper alloy rods, bars, and shapes, aluminum and brass forgings, gasoline dispensers, and aluminum tubular products.
  • Construction Equipment and Materials: pneumatic saws, contaminated asphalt, cement mixing machines, cranes, heavy industrial equipment, and pavement profilers.
  • Consumer: lawnmowers, shredders, home electronics, water pumps, water flow system components, gas dryers, washer dryer combos, beauty products, refrigerators, personal computers, electric blankets, heating pads, air conditioners, air fresheners, gas grills, beverage coolers, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, fans, microwave ovens, pressure cookers, electric heaters, and kerosene heaters.
  • Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices: diet drugs, eye care products, dietary supplements, DES, dermatological ointments, blood and pain medications, surgical implants, catheters, prosthetics, artificial blood vessels, hospital beds, PPA, HRT drugs, MS drugs, and cancer chemotherapeutic drugs.
  • Food, Beverages, and Tobacco: contaminated and adulterated food, contaminated beverages, coffee, spring water, and tobacco products.
  • Industrial: labeling machines, punch presses, injection molding machines, high-voltage transmission equipment, industrial trash compactors, augers, cleaning equipment, forklifts, ash conveyance systems, and vertical drilling tools.
  • Packaging: plastic bags, beverage carriers, cardboard boxes, and packaging systems for dry freight vans and flatbed trailers.
  • Transportation and Aviation: tires, wheels, truck-tractors, dry freight vans, flatbed trailers and intermodal equipment, snowmobiles, automobiles, and aircraft.