Medical Malpractice
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Ward Greenberg’s Medical Malpractice group successfully defends patient negligence claims and represents physicians and nurses in disciplinary proceedings before state regulatory agencies. Our attorneys immerse themselves in the medicine and obtain early expert reviews. Our team includes seasoned legal nurse consultants, who collaborate with our attorneys to obtain and interpret medical records, review pertinent literature, and identify experts. We believe it is important to develop a personal rapport with physicians and empathy for the ordeal they are facing. We also understand the need to protect our clients’ professional reputations, and we work closely with them to develop the best strategy for their case.

Ward Greenberg’s clients include a major teaching institution, its hospital system, its managed care organization, and its faculty physicians; and an integrated healthcare system with affiliated entities specializing in geriatric care. In addition, we act as monitoring counsel for an insurance carrier that provides excess insurance to a major hospital system and managed care organization.

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