We try cases.

Litigation is all we do. We are as comfortable in
the courtroom as we are at the settlement table.
When it is in the best interest of our clients, we
have the know how, advocacy skills and experience
to try cases to verdict.

Close and constant collaboration.

Client communication and teamwork are essential.
We work closely with our clients to develop a case
plan, strategy, and budget at the outset of the
engagement, and continue to collaborate with
our clients throughout the case.

Civil litigation is what we do.

We represent institutional and corporate clients in all types of civil litigation. With offices in New York,
Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, we deliver
high quality, cost-effective legal services throughout
New York and the mid-Atlantic region.

Large firm capability, small firm efficiency.

We have the skill, expertise and judgment equal to
many of the top-tier law firm litigation departments,
but practice in a smaller office platform that
emphasizes client service and economical solutions.
This structure allows us to staff cases leanly and
efficiently, without the burdens that tend to inflate
legal fees.

We work with trusted experts and law firms.

Our breadth of experience has enabled us to develop
strong ties with trusted experts to marshal scientific
and technical evidence. We also regularly partner
with lawyers and law firms in jurisdictions throughout
the United States when local knowledge or a deeper
bench is needed.

The power to prevail.

We identify our clients’ objectives and develop
solutions that achieve those objectives. We combine
the perspective, depth and sophistication of our
large-firm experience with the efficiency, practicality,
and client focus of a smaller practice. We do not relent
until our clients’ goals are achieved.

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